Compass tattoo design idea

Compass Tattoo

The compass tattoo is one of those tattoos that has endless design possibilities, so it’s no surprise that people love getting the compass tattoo and the artists love drawing them. They can be big tattoos that go down the middle of the owners’ backs. They can even be small even to fit on the wrist.

Nautical Star Compass Tattoo is something essential for a traveler.

which he must carry when he embarks on a journey as this particular instrument will not only take him on the right path but also ensure his safe return home. Therefore, the compass tattoo is a great symbolic sign for travelers and adventure lovers, in particular.

These tattoos are equally popular among military men, sailors, and fishermen. as their jobs to are related to the sense of right direction.e.

while the tattoo was popularized by Celts & other races of European origin some centuries ago. There is a wide variety available in compass tattoo designs, each one being related with different symbolic meanings.

Some of these mentioned as follows:

  • Compass Tattoo with North Star – A popular representation of the compass tattoo comes along with the North Star or the Pole Star.
  • The star of the north direction, which was used by navigators to guide them about direction since the beginning of time. The design boasts of great aesthetic value.
  • Compass Tattoo with Direction – The basic purpose of a compass is to tell about the direction and many f the compass tattoos include the alphabets signifying. The cardinal directions as in N, S, W, and E, standing for North, South, West, and East respectively. A tattoo design with these direction looks extremely cool & which is favored from youngsters.
  • Compass Tattoo with Globe or Anchor – Since compass deals with marine travel, a globe added to a compass design. This is a good way to represent its significance in the voyage.
  • which makes it a vital element to incorporated in compass tattoo design.
  • Other Design Elements –. Design are celestial objects like the sun and the moon, while hourglass. Clocks made alongside to represent time. For those looking for feminine compass tattoo designs.
  • The tattoo artist can add objects like flowers, butterflies, feathers, anchors, dreamcatchers, and ribbons to the basic compass design.
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