Colorful Feather Tattoo Inked By Black Poison TattoosColorful Feather Tattoo Inked By Black Poison Tattoos

Colorful Feather Tattoo with the Name Krishna

Feather is one of the most popular tattoo designs which show your individuality, striving for freedom, and your particular desire for flying ability. The feather tattoo idea is one of the most colorful tattoo trends in the world.

Ancient cultures used feather tattoos and humans used this amazing feather tattoo idea till now. Different colorful feather tattoos have different specific meanings. Grey-colored feather tattoo means your soul’s freedom, a feather tattoo with red color expresses your courage and bravery character and black colored feather tattoo shows your aggression.

With its popularity and colorful design, the feather tattoo became one of the most demanded tattoos among celebrities. This tattoo design has been used by Demi Lovato, Amy Winehouse, and Chris Brown. Feather tattoo design is an additional part of the dreamcatcher tattoo trend also.

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