Gladiator Warrior Tattoo

Gladiator Tattoo

Meaning of the gladiator tattoo for men is quite obvious, and it is known to every young man who once watched the eponymous film with Russell Crowe. The word itself derives from the Latin word “gladius”, which is translated as “sword”.

In those distant times, gladiators were enslaved people, slaves or soldiers and criminals taken prisoners during the battles. All of them were previously taught how to handle the sword correctly.

Gladiator Tattoo

As soon as gladiators got the necessary skills, they were confronted with each other. Such massacres resulted in the death of one of them. The bloody battles in Ancient Rome had been held in arenas for seven hundred years. At first, the Romans preferred to arrange such fights on holidays.

They wanted to satisfy the cruel god of war Mars in such a way. Over time, they began to hold such battles for entertainment without much reason. The Romans borrowed offering up sacrifices in the form of gladiatorial games from the Egyptians, Etruscans, and Greeks. This is easily explained by the fact that various peoples, who either were conquered or voluntarily joined, lived throughout the Empire.

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