Amazing Maze Tattoo with Quotes - The Way Out is Through Inked By Black Poison Tattoos

Maze Tattoo with Quotes

Amazing Maze Tattoo with Quotes – The Way Out is Through Inked By Black Poison Tattoos

The terms of maze and labyrinth are describing the same thing: a puzzle game, either on paper or life size, where you have to make your way without getting lost. There is only one way possible in a labyrinth, while there are many possibilities in a maze, as well as many entry and exit points. That’s why mazes are much more difficult than labyrinths, and maze tattoos more coveted than labyrinth ones.

But they both find their origin in Ancient Greek mythology. The wife of King Minos had a monstruous illegitimate son with a magic bull. This son, called the Minotaur, was a dangerous man-eater, and to protect his city, King Minos asked the most brilliant architect of Greece, Daedalus, to build a prison. He built the Labyrinth with his son Icarus. The legend says that the maze was so complex they both got lost, and to escape it, Daedalus made them wings to fly away. But the tragic end of Icarus is infamous: he flew too close to the sun and died.

Later, the Minotaur’s Labyrinth was also the famous location of another legend: the one of Theseus and Ariadne. Young people of Theseus’ city were captured to feed the monster, so the young heroe decided to kill it. But he had to exit the mind-boggling maze after. So Minos’ daughter, Ariadne, who was in love with him, gave him a red thread to find his way back. This famous red thread became a common expression in language. Labyrinths and mazes in general have very philosophical and sacred meanings. They describe our evolution in life, the choices we make, the different paths we follow and the possibilities we reach or miss.

If you like challenges and if you are looking for your way in that life, you should consider getting maze tattoos, but you’re warned: don’t get lost!

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