Peacock Feather Tattoo

Peacock Feather Tattoo – The peacock is known as the bird with 100 eyes, referring to the pattern on its tail feathers.

These eyes are considered to be all seeing, as well as being the “evil eyes.” The eye on the peacock feather tattoo could mean that you are an open minded person – the one that looks at the world with eyes wide open, the one that is not afraid of challenges. On the other hand, in Egyptian, Roman and Greek mythology, the eye on the peacock feather is considered to be the “evil eye.” This is not always a bad thing – the “evil eye” symbols give the evil eye, as well as, protect the one who wears them.

Peacock Tattoo are generally a very beautiful and gentle feminine tattoo designs.

A lot of girls choose peacock feather simply because it is more beautiful than other feathers, while only a small number associates the feather to the meaning of peacock tattoos.

Feathers symbolize creativity, spiritual evaluation and rebirth. Most common places for a peacock feather are ribs, scapulas or a side of the lower back. Peacock feather should, by all means, be done in full color – it is the colors that make it so beautiful.

This is an expression that was first used back in the 14th century, and it is still quite common today. It is also the meaning of a peacock feather tattoo design.

Peacock feather tattoo could indicate a very proud person. It could be comprehended in two ways – the person wearing it could either be very proud of herself for good reasons, or simply very arrogant. If you don’t want to be perceived as an arrogant person, I’d suggest you choose a smaller tattoo. Rather than one that goes across your whole back.

The peacock is a very important bird for people in India. It still has a status of a worshiped bird, mainly because it slays snakes. That peacocks are immune to snake bites. Their blood to chase away evil spirits. Peacock feather tattoo can be a symbol of protection against those spirits. Or simply people who would like to hurt you.

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