Tattoo of Flying Birds from Tree with Quotes

Flying Birds From Tree

Tattoo of Flying Birds from Tree

Bird tattoos have been the most famous tattoos for more than hundred years, be it real or imaginary.

When you look at a flock of birds flying around it leaves you with a good feeling. They look as if they are up in the sky with a particular purpose and are flying around trying to fulfill that. It is a good theme that can be used as a tattoo design in many interesting ways. Here are some great ideas that look good and carry all the symbolism attached to bird tattoos.

Bird tattoos across the body: You can have a bird placed here and there, just like the flock of birds in the sky. Some see it as quirky but it is an interesting motif to work around

Bird flock taking off on the base of the throat: Often as children we would draw birds in the process of flying away and this can simply be emulated on the chest area at the base of the throat. The visual can be made more realistic by making the birds smaller as they seem to fly away in the sky

A flock of birds on the arm: You can have the birds flying in a formulation that is tight or loose in the tattoo depending on how you want it to look. This makes an excellent tattoo choice on the arm as it will make the birds seem more mobile with the movement of your arm

Flock of Birds on the feet: I wish my feet had wings, is something that we can think of. Getting birds flying away tattooed on the feet, is one of the ways to get that feel at least in the form of imagery

Birds dragging a man along: It is almost like the birds are pulling up the man so that he can take off on a flight of fancy along with them. It is a quirky and funny way of looking at things.

Feather to flock of birds: Birds give out feathers, but have you heard of feathers giving out birds. This tattoo design does just that; it shows the feather slowly letting out a flock of birds. A creative take on the theme of flock of birds:

Dandelion seeds giving out flock of birds: It looks as if the dandelion seeds are becoming birds and this forms an imaginative and interesting picture. With a kind of 3 dimensional effects this can make an interesting tattoo design.

Flock of birds leaving the cage: This one has a feeling of birds escaping the confines of the cage to the freedom of the sky. The birdcage can be made to look ornamental or old fashioned while the birds flying away can be given a really joyful aspect.

Chest flock of birds: This looks great with a stunning visual aspect as the birds which have really flown a greater distance seeming to be like just a speck and the other birds which are still close by done in better detail.

This is an unusual theme that lends itself to the imagination of the artist and the person who is getting it done. Humans have always been fascinated by the ability of birds to fly and this has often been equated with freedom. That too a freedom that knows no borders and has no restriction. A flock of birds in the sky can be something that you can watch captivated for a long time. They fly in different formations often changing them midair, leaving us wondering about why they do that. Plus different birds have different ways of flying. Some have a lazy and casual way about them, while some birds have a purposeful air that makes them look as if they mean serious business.

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