Wings Tattoo on Back

Tattoos have been around for thousands of years and have become more popular over time. We’ve seen many different types of tattoos, including tribal and Celtic designs, flowers, animals, and even religious symbols like crosses. Wings tattoos symbolize a variety of things depending on the situation and meaning behind it.

What do wings tattoo symbolize?

Wings Tattoo Symbolize Freedom and Liberation

Wings tattoos symbolize freedom, liberation, and the ability to fly. They may also symbolize a person’s inner strength, their ability to overcome obstacles and achieve their goals.

The meanings behind wing tattoos vary greatly.

While there are many common meanings associated with wing tattoos, the meaning of this particular tattoo is up to you. Some people choose to get a tattoo of wings because they are a symbol of freedom, or to show that they are free spirits. Others get a tattoo of wings because they are a symbol of protection—a guardian angel watching over your shoulder.

While the meaning behind each wing is up to you and yours alone, there is one thing that all wing tattoos have in common: they are beautiful and eye-catching! If you’re considering getting your first or next piece of body art, we’d love to help guide you through the process!

Angel Wings Tattoo

  • Angel wings tattoo is a symbol of protection, guidance, and good luck.
  • Angel wings tattoo is a symbol of peace, love, and happiness.
  • Angel wings tattoo is a symbol of strength and courage.
  • Angel wings tattoo is a symbol of faith and hope.

Wings Tattoo on Back

A wings tattoo on the back can symbolize a number of things. For example, it can represent your desire to spread your wings and fly away from the troubles in life or simply make a statement about how much you love flying. In addition to its symbolic meaning, this tattoo design is also popular among individuals who have recently lost someone they love.

Wings Tattoo Designs

A great place to start when deciding what kind of wings tattoo design would be best for you is by looking at other people’s tattoos similar to yours. Look at different photos online or even talk with someone who has one similar! The more familiar you become with the different types out there (and their meanings), the easier it’ll be when choosing what kind of look works best for YOU!


A wing tattoo can symbolize many things, but it’s important to know what the meaning behind your design is before getting one inked. If you’re looking for something simple and meaningful, try out some of our beautiful designs today!

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