Watercolor Ganesha Tattoo

A watercolor, Ganesha tattoo looks illustrations and vibrant. Lord Ganesha is also revered as the destroyer of pride, selfishness and vanity. Life is full of difficulties and hindrance, but those who succeed, do so with sheer willpower and the Ganesha tattoo is the personification of all the material universe in all its various manifestations.

The Meaning of Ganesh Tattoos

In the Hindu religion. Ganesh is the Lord of Beginning. Representing spring, the season in which the world begins anew after winter. Tattoos of the Indian god Ganesh are often accompanied by flowers, especially the lotus flower. The god sits on a lotus flower in the lotus position in a symbol of spiritual openness.

Watercolor Ganesha Tattoo

When a Hindu person wishes to succeed in a certain task. It is often Ganesh that they call upon to assist them. Rodents are a symbol of annoyance and destruction because they eat stored food and destroy crops. By displaying Ganesh as standing over the obstacle (the rodent), the design is depicting Ganesh’s power over such obstacles.

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