Couple Tattoo

Couple Tattoo

The King

This is the piece the whole game revolves around and represents our deeper self, the divine spark within us. And yet, it is the least powerful piece in terms of ability to move about the board. Couple Tattoo It can only take one step at a time, though it can travel squarely or triangularly.

The Queen

This is the most powerful piece on the board having unlimited movement in any of the eight directions. She is the power of Nature, reflecting the light of the King, possessing unlimited potential.

Why a chess piece?

If someone likes tattoos and want one to symbolize their love for chess with a chess piece then here are the usual answers:

  1. King – the boss
  2. Queen – Most powerful piece (female favorite)
  3. Knight – lots of nice reasons ranging from linking the word ‘knight’ with gallantry, higher rank soldier to its agile unconventional moves. And who wouldn’t like to rock a horse head to symbolise action, speed and agility?
  4. Bishop- usually has connections with the Christian religion and faith.
  5. Rook- usually solid, dependable may have connections with the word ‘castle’
  6. Pawn- ‘Pawns are the soul of chess’ -Phildor. This is usually linked with either the idea of potential or a group. It is very much rarer to symbolize lowliness.Couple Tattoo
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