Ferociously Awesome Tiger Tattoo

Ferociously Awesome Tiger Tattoo

Tiger Tattoo

In Ancient Chinese history, the Tiger, being predators and hunters in nature, represents the masculine principle and is King of all animals.

Regarded as one of the four super-intelligent creatures (along with the phoenix, dragon, and tortoise). The Tiger is honored and worshipped not just even in new year festivals. But painted on walls of homes and temples to ward off evil spirits and grant protection. For over centuries, these super intelligent creatures have been major motifs in Chinese (and even Japanese) art. Let’s check out these ferociously awesome & beautiful tiger tattoo in esoteric wisdom along the way. Enjoy! 🙂

The Tiger represents strength, vitality, and health. So Due to its primal predatory instincts, the Tiger also represents So unpredictability, willpower and ability to trust yourself.

The Tiger is the largest member of the Cat family. There were once 9 subspecies of tigers, So but now they have gone extinct.

Tattoos have become quite popular due to different astonishing tiger tattoo designs, each featuring fearless tigers such as the Bengal tiger or the White tiger. Tiger tattoos help you achieve that fierce and dramatic tattoo look. Not only are the designs incredible, but tiger tattoos also hold a strong meaning that may compel you to get more than one.

With so many different types of tiger tattoo ideas, choosing the right one is not easy. So to help you out, mentioned below are some of the craziest tiger tattoo idea designs that will help in making your selection process much easier. These ideas will guide you to choose a design that suits you and your personality the best.

So These beautiful creatures also deserve to grace our planet!!

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