Tattoo of The mark of The Warriors of Poseidon - Black Poison Tattoos

Mark of The Warriors of Poseidon

Tattoo of The mark of The Warriors of Poseidon – Black Poison Tattoos

The symbol of the Warriors of Poseidon, branded to the skin of each warrior at his ceremony of dedication to the service of Poseidon, offers testimony to his vow to protect humankind. The circle represents all the peoples of the world. Intersecting it is the pyramid of knowledge deeded to them by the ancients. The silhouette of Poseidon’s Trident bisects them both.

The History

Capitol city of Atlantis, 9600 BC

It was the time before the Cataclysm, forced upon Atlanteans by the greed of humanity. In Poseidon’s Temple, in the soul of the seven isles of Atlantis, a group of warriors met with the sea god’s high priest. He divided them into seven groups of seven and assigned each a sacred duty and an object of power – a magic-imbued gemstone. Some were to sink to the bottom of the world, shielded from prying eyes and envious lusts by the waters that nurtured them. Others were to join the lands of humans at assigned locations – all high grounds that would protect the lineage in the event of severe flooding.

All would wait. And watch. And protect.

And serve as first warning on the eve of humanity’s destruction.

Then, and only then, Atlantis would rise. For they were the Warriors of Poseidon, and the mark of the Trident they bore served as witness to their sacred duty to safeguard mankind.

Whether they liked it or not.

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