Chariot of the Gods Tattoo

Chariot of the Gods

Tattoo of The Chariot of the Gods. In connection with the Chariots of the Gods. As a means of controlling or directing the actions of these chariots. Seen below in this Sumerian relief, are cables running from the chariot of the gods ending in an Omega, which the ancient Gods of Sumeria, have in their control. In between the gods is the tree of life. Is this relief portraying that the ancients were able to extend life, or give life with the use of the Omega symbol?

The wavy lines extending from the chariot to the omega also represented water in sumerian reliefs.

This understanding would be that the Anunnaki were able to perpetuate life or change into another life. With the use of an Omega like symbol, that was in some way directly linked or connected to these chariots. As in the Assyrian relief below depicts. Were these two men depicting the same man, though the one is much younger?

An interesting account occurred in the city of Ur, just prior to its downfall. Sargon`s armies were moving south to surround Ur, after destroying many Sumerian cities and butchering their inhabitants. The citizens of Ur were well aware of their outcome, so fear and panic. Must have been overrunning the city streets. A famous physician in the city, whose clay tablets still exist today was one of such inhabitants & had much to fear. His name was Lulu.

For whatever reasons, no one is able to determine, if he was able to escape Ur, prior to its downfall. Was he able to covertly use one of the Sons of Anu`s, Chariot`s of the Gods, and make his escape? He finally steal one of the chariots and make his escape?

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