Crossed Fingers Tattoo Design

Here we have a great example of a crossed fingers tattoo. The artist has created the design to look like it’s been drawn on with a pencil, and this creates an interesting effect. The tattoo features a variety of different colors, including black and grey.

Crossed fingers tattoos are often associated with good luck. This is because the gesture of crossing your fingers can be interpreted as an expression of hope or optimism. It also reflects the desire for something to happen, or for someone to be successful, which fits in well with the idea behind all good luck charms and superstitions.

Although this is not always the case, crossed fingers tattoos are often used as good luck charms by those who have suffered from bad luck in their lives – such as gamblers who have lost money at casinos or poker players who have lost money on games at home or during tournaments. They may believe that if they get a cross between their index finger and thumb (or any other finger) then it will bring them more fortune in future games.

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