Manadala Tattoo

Mandala Tattoo on Forearm

  • Buddhism Culture – Manadala TattooThe belief is based on the fact that you will find a perfectly complete. Miniatures lotus plant within a seed. This implies that even a human being is born complete and yearns for perfection through his journey of life. Also, Buddhism has meanings for various colors of lotus flowers, as a red colored lotus stands for the heart, which implies love and passion. Similarly, a pink lotus represents devotion towards the divine, while a blue one stands for learning and intelligence. A purple lotus defines mysticism, besides being a symbol of the eight fold path laid down by the religion. which is reflectes through its eight petals. A white colored lotus implies purity and peace, both at spiritual as well as intellectual level. The Buddhist mythology says that the Buddha was born from this pure flower and had white heart. Which represented his pious soul. Just as a lotus sheds its flowers and seeds together, it signifies a noble soul which guides the other souls on the Earth along the path of Nirvana.

Lotus Mandala Tattoo

  • Egyptian Culture –  The ancient Egyptian cultures sees lotus as a symbol of beginning of life and reincarnation. As the mythology of this culture narrates the origination of life on earth was marked by the blooming of this mystical flower from the sea.
  • Chinese Culture –  The Chinese culture sees lotus as a flower with perfect beauty stands as a source of inspiration. For poets and artists since times immemorial. Lotus is as a symbol of pure feminine beauty and reflects marital harmony when talking about personal relationships.
  • Western Culture – The Western culture has a similar kind of reflection of this charming flower. Because it denotes a new beginning and rebirth as it reflects divine conception. It also links lotus flower with the search of the true meaning of life.
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