Wolf Tattoo

Wolf Tattoo

Wolf Tattoo – Out of all the birds in mythology and symbolism, there is no greater or more recognized than the crow or raven. This large, blackbird has long been one of the smartest animals on earth, a lover of shiny objects, and perhaps even an intuitive trickster.

Wolf tattoos are very popular and consider to be the mainstream tattoos. They can be design in a variety of different ways and portrayed with different elements and symbols. Just like all animal tattoos, the wolf tattoo represents the traits and attributes of the wolf. The wolf is a very symbolic creature that holds deep meaning for many different cultures. Throughout history, most notably with Native Americans. To numerous tribes across North America and in other parts of the world, wolves are very powerful and important.

The eye of Providence design is also by the secret society of the Free Masons, DARPA. And on the official seal of Colorado.

The all-seeing eye’s usage by government entities, the Federal Reserve, and secret societies. Which led some to believe that the symbol also holds a darker connotation.

Those who follow this line of thought believe that the all-seeing eye is used as a subconscious marker or a way to denote covert control of the world by a group of ultra-elite oligarchs, leaders of industry and politicians, known as the “illuminati”, or “enlightened ones”.

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